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Glass Pipe

If you are searching for a high-quality but affordable glass pipe, you may try giving a try. makes some of the finest as well as most competitively priced glass pipes you can find; they have glass pipes with prices starting as low as under five dollars. For details and all prices for's inventory visit online.

Weed Pipes

The beginning of pipes for tobacco use in asia and cannabis aka weed use in Africa became a world wide phenomena. The difference though between pipes is that the design for metal pipes are for tobacco use and the glass pipes have evolved to have wider bowls for the use of marijuana thus becoming weed pipes

Pipes And Bongs

Bongs have recently been known to have originated from Africa since that is where cannabis was discovered. A filter water chamber with a bowl then a long tube which leads up to the mouth piece. Simple chillium pipes were also found along with the bongs. The first primitive pipes which led to what we all love and know

Glass Pipes For Sale

Beautiful glass pipes for sale with intricate designs and shapes. Here you can find your most cherished glass pipe at the best of prices. Get updates on the latest styles and find color of the year pipes at one great price. With our durable glass quality and affordable prices, you are sure to be satisfied

Glass Pipes

Double glass pipes and single glass pipes with pyrex glass finish is just the way to go. This means that you can get the best durable glass experience especially with the inside out designs. This method is the process of melting colored sticks into the heated glass thus creating intricate collages of color. Find your favorite pipe here!

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